What you can learn from viral YouTube hits

Especially for companies are viral YouTube hits equate with finding the gold pot at the other end of the rainbow: A large range for a comparatively low budget is just a marketing dream!

I can well imagine how the head of marketing of EDEKA about the success the funny and creative image clip “Supergeil” with Friedrich Lichtenstein was pleased. As of today, the video has nearly 12 million views – it was shared by enthusiastic viewers diligently on Facebook & Co. for several weeks after the show.

Viral YouTube hits = lucky!

YouTube - @ pixabay.com - Public DomainOf course, such a success is not in vain. In addition to the already mentioned budget for the video production usually also costs incurred, in order to bring the video even once “under people”.

Still, it's a godsend in any case when YouTube viral hits succeed. And that's exactly what makes virality so exciting in my view! Nobody can finally know what arrives and what does not – and what goes through the roof!

Of course, such successes are not completely arbitrary. I think you can of the EDEKA video or other YouTube hits like the “Dove Real Beauty Sketches” or the popular ones “Mac vs. PC “-Clips but one or the other lesson for creating your own virally designed video pull.

show Humor

EDEKA was in our heads for a long time no longer modern and up-to-date, but with the “super-cool” campaign could be an image change succeeded. Finally, the clip automatically makes everyone smile, whether young or old. Even with the “Mac vs. PC “counterparty is set to laugh.

initiate discussions

The “Dove Real Beauty Sketches” deal with the self-perception of women. The YouTube comments on the clip show that many people are moved by it. Because internet users love to discuss controversial issues and share ideas, Dove has apparently hit a nerve with this viral campaign.

Awaken emotions

Some of you may be dismissive now. Is not the awakening of emotions praised as the “miracle cure” for every success? But just in social media, including of course YouTube, it is just like that. think of heftig.co, This website thrives on viral distribution through emotional content.

And the same goes for YouTube videos: you'll only be able to land viral YouTube hits if you touch the audience with your clip in any way. Emotions awaken all the videos presented here in their very own way.

And if it is too much work to produce a viral video, it can also “attach” itself to current social media trends. After idiosyncratic interpretations of the Harlem shake from Baauer or creative cover of Pharrell Williams' Happy It has been flooded with YouTube recently ALS Ice Bucket Challenge the new internet hype.

To take part here is a good opportunity to get something out of the “viral cake”. But beware! You have to forge the iron while it's hot. Anyone who is too late, rather achieves the opposite effect and is perceived as untrendy and dusty.

(Source: Screenshot YouTube-Video “Supergeil”)

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