Website build up from A to Z with practical example

Affiliate Course - create your own website

In a completely fresh course, I'll show you how to build an equally fresh and initially non-existent affiliate website. From the first preparation to the support in live operation, everything is documented in detail. Revenues, times and expenses are disclosed in monthly reports for at least 12 months.

Below is the current table of contents of the course. It certainly will not be smaller, but it will certainly be more extensive until complete completion. Every week new content is created in the course and at the same time the new niche page develops, where each participant can check exactly what I document here. In an exclusive Facebook group, you can chat with other members and me.

Contents of the Affiliate Course

Chapter 1: Planning and Analysis
Lesson 0: What is Affiliate Marketing?
Lesson 1: Subject and Keyword Research
Lesson 2: Find the right domain
Lesson 3: Web hosting for my affiliate site
Lesson 4: Install WordPress
Lesson 5: Use the appropriate WordPress theme
Lesson 6: The most important plugins
Lesson 7: Set up Google Analytics
Lesson 8: Setting up Google Search Console

Chapter 2: Research, Operations & Making Money
Lesson 1: Detailed analysis of important topics
Lesson 2: Keyword research professionally created
Lesson 3: Create an editorial plan
Lesson 4: Plan your activities in advance
Lesson 5: Create your own artwork
Lesson 6: Professional Reviews for Everyone
Lesson 7: Evergreen content through proper guides
Lesson 8: Amazon PartnerNet Basics
Lesson 9: Basics of AAWP
Lesson 10: Optimizing existing content

Chapter 3: Online Marketing and Brand Building
Lesson 1: Identify yourself with your project
Lesson 2: More reach through Facebook
Lesson 3: Build and maintain a YouTube Channel
Lesson 4: Instagram and Pinterest for more coverage
Lesson 5: Multipliers through competitions
Lesson 6: Using PR to Attract the Great
Lesson 7: Re-marketing to strengthen your brand

Chapter 3: Search Engine Optimization
Lesson 1: What is Search Engine Optimization?
Lesson 2: Basics of OnPage Optimization
Lesson 3: Basics in Link Building
Lesson 4: Snippet optimization for clickthrough rate increase
Lesson 5: The main Google ranking factors
Lesson 6: A clean navigation structure

Chapter 4: Email Marketing
Lesson 1: Email Marketing Basics
Lesson 2: Defining strategy and goals
Lesson 3: Email marketing automation
Lesson 4: Build Recipient List from Zero

Chapter 5: Reports
Lesson 1: Report September 2018
Lesson 2: Report October 2018
Lesson 3: Report November 2018
Lesson 4: Report December 2018
Lesson 5: etc. until September 2019

The documentation and thus the development of course and niche page starts on September 17th, 2018 and every eisy member has access to the content. All membership information is available here.

Become a premium member? Participate now

Test phase: 1 week free of charge, no restriction
Costs: 69 EUR incl. VAT per month or 690 EUR incl. VAT per year
Running time: from monthly, cancellable at any time
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For whom is the course suitable?

  • Persons who would like to know how affiliate sites / niche sites are made meaningful by their own efforts.
  • For anyone who wants to know how small and medium-sized sites can make money online today.
  • For people who know that building a business model also means work.
  • For the people who are down-to-earth and need no illusions when it comes to closing a deal.

As a member, you also have access to all other premium content. This includes u.a. my current video course on “Expired domains in link building”. In it I explain you in many video lessons a practicable way in link building. However, you will also benefit from other courses that are being developed.

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