The 3 Mistakes of My Life By Chetan Bhagat – FREE PDF Download

The 3 Mistakes of My Life

Chetan Bhagat

The 3 Mistakes of My Life By Chetan Bhagat - FREE PDF Download
The 3 Mistakes of My Life By Chetan Bhagat – FREE PDF Download


One of India’s best-selling novelists, another intellectual comedy luxury story of modern India …

presenting some portions from the book

At the end of 2000, Govind, a boy from Ahmedabad, dreamed of starting a business. Keeping in mind the passion of his friends, Ish and Omi, he opened a cricket shop. However, there is no easy luck in the city filled with bustling. To achieve their goals, they have to face all this – religious, politics, disasters, unacceptable love and their own mistakes above all these things. Whether they will succeed? Can a person’s dreams conquer the terrible difficulties of real life? Are we able to succeed despite some mistakes?

Another intellectual comedian luxury story of modern India by India’s best selling novelist, in which Chetan Bhagat has shown the ideas and loneliness of a whole generation.


The 3 Mistakes of My Life


India vs South Africa
Fourth, ODI, Vadodara
March 17, 200045’Why did you move from there?’ Ishishan’s scream gum in the stadium, TV On. I got up from the floor and sat on the couch. ‘Yes?’ I said.We were at Ishaan’s house- ‘Eishan, Omi and I. Ishaan’s mother brought us tea and sesamea. Socks are more fun to eat while sitting on the sofa. I was by then seated on the sofa.
‘Tendulkar went. Oh at this time. Omi, you don’t move. No one will move in the next five hours.I am tv Saw towards. We need 283 runs to win. Prior to a ball, India had 256-2 runs in 45 overs, 27 runs in five overs and we had 8 wickets and Tendulkar was playing. Everything was going well, in favor of India, but then Tendulkar was out. Ishan was angered by that.’Khakara is big crispy, Omi said. Ishaan stared at him, on the fringe of the matter, when the honor of the country was at stake. Omi and I kept my cups aside and sat down with a sad face.The crowd responded when Tendulkar was out of the crease. Jadeja came to the crease and scored six runs. After 46 overs, India’s position was 263-3. Now, 21 runs in four overs were to be made, seven wickets were left.

Over 46

‘She made 122. He had done his work. Few final shots are remaining. But why are you getting so excited? ‘ I am tv But during the interval, said. I started taking a cup of tea, but Ishah pointed to not picking up. We did not want to be in any trouble until a match was decided. Ishaan did not allow us to move in any way. The match was taking place in Vadodara, Ahmedabad is a two-hour road. But we could not go there. One, we did not have the money, in the second two days there were my correspondence papers. I used to watch the match all day, so the second reason does not make sense.

5.25 runs in one over. ‘ I said, I couldn’t help but calculate That’s the reason I love cricket because it’s more in Matthew.

‘You do not know this team. Tendulkar is out. The rest of the team is uprooted. Not of percentage. It is as if the queen flies and dies. Ishaan said.
Omi nodded, as if he always does anything, when Eshaan talks about cricket.

‘Come on, I think that you know that we were not gathered to watch the match here. We have gathered here to decide that Mr. Ishaan want to do in his future? I said.
Ishaan always neglects to talk about this subject, since he is an NDA Ran away a year ago. His dad always satirizes him: ‘Celebrate the cake every year, that one year has become your waste.’

Today I had brought a plan for him. I knew that we all sit together and talk about the future of our life. Of course, life ahead of cricket comes second.
‘Later,’ Ishan looked at the addiction of a cream and said.

” When later Ishaan? ‘ I have an idea that will be fine for all of us. We do not have many paths to choose, what is it? ‘
‘For all of us? I also said ‘Omi surprised by. Like a fool like that, anyone likes to be anywhere. This time we need Omi.

‘Yes, Omi, you are a good critic but after Ish. when?’
‘Oh, just do it. Look, the match is starting. O K. We will discuss this at dinner. Let’s go to Gopi’s today. Jesus said.
‘Gopi? Who will pay? ‘ I turned my attention towards the match, the match had started.

Pinpin … drink The car’s horn disrupted our talks. The car was parked outside the park ….
‘Oh, what’s the problem, I teach a lesson to this badass now’ Ish said, peeping out of the window.
‘What’s it?’

‘Does the father of a rich father grow weary every day in our house?’ ‘
Why?’ I asked.
‘For lore’. He was in the coaching class with him. Vidya had complained there. ‘ Jesus said.

P.P.P. … the car came again near the house.
‘Oh trouble. I do not want to miss the match. ‘ Ish said as soon as he saw India chawing.
Ish picked up his bat. We ran out of the house. Silver Esteem hit the pole and started to revolve again. He stood in front of the car and asked the boy to stop.

Esteem suddenly stopped in front of Each. Ich went to the driver, who was a smart young boy. Exxes Me, your headlight is hanging out.
‘In fact, the boy said and turned off the lights. He got out of the car and came in front.

Ish grabbed that boy from the back neck and hit his mouth on the bonnet loudly. Then Ish broke the head of his head light from the bat. The bulb started hanging out

‘What is wrong with you,’ the boy said, bleeding from his nose. ‘Tell me, what are you, you keep hammering here and playing’. Jesus said.
Ish took hold of his collar, and six-seven slaps him. Omi caught the bat and broke the car’s windows. The glass was shattered to pieces. People gathered. It seemed like watching the street battles is the most entertaining thing.

The boy was shivering in pain and fear. What will he tell his daddy how his car’s glass is broken and what happened to his face?

Ish’s father heard the noise and came out. Ish had a boy heavily strapped in his arms. The boy was gasping for breath.
‘dump her.’ The father of Ish said.
Ish has grabbed him more loudly.

‘I told you to leave him,’ the father shouted, ‘What is all this happening?’ ‘This is teasing Vidya from last week,’ Ish said. He hanged the boy tightly and left. The boy sat down on the knees and the loud began to breathe loudly. The beating of the beard started bleeding from his nose and the face was full of blood.

‘And what are you doing, is that right?’ The father of Ish said.
‘I am teaching him a lesson. Ish said and pulled his bat trapped in the wind-screen.
‘Good, great enemy, and when will you learn your lesson?’ Ish’s father asked Ish.
Ish went away from there.

‘Now you go’ Ish’s father told the boy who stood by hand. When he saw that he was not paying attention to his pardon, he turned to his car.

Ish’s father turned to his neighbors ‘Have been sitting at home for a whole year. Has run away from the army of our own country and now wants to teach others a lesson. He and his lover’s friends keep chanting at home every day.
Ish looked at his father with a deep vision and went inside the house.
‘what are you going to do now?’ Isha’s father shouted.

‘Seeing the match, is there anything left to lure me? Jesus said.
‘When you have ruined all your life, then what difference does it take from one day?’ The father of Ish said. Neighbors also shouted to join him in their Yes.

We missed the last five overs. India won and it was not much up-set.
‘Yes, yes, yes, yes, joy jumped. ‘Today Gopi is eating with me here’ Ish said. I like fools

In fact, Ishaan is not a fool. At least not as much as Omi. Both are engaged in studies, especially in Maths and I am very good at Maths. This label has been stuck on me Only this label. I am the poorest among the three. Of course I will become the richest one day. Still, Ishaan and Omi are not even richer. Ishaan’s father is in the telephone exchange and of course his house is quite a phone but his paycheck is fine. Omi’s father is a priest in the Swami Bhakti temple, which is actually the nihilas of Ommi. And they do not pay more for it. But still he is very good compared to me and my mother, financially.
My mother works to make Gujarati snacks and I teach some tuitions. This is what we are going through.

‘We won, we won 3-1 series’ Omi repeated that which he saw on the TV screen It was a very big thing for such a fundamental thing to do. Some people say that Omi’s birth is foolish, and some say that in his sixth grade, his head was affected by cancerous hair, and since then he started talking foolishly. I do not know the reason but I know so much that it is best to become a priest for him. There is no better carrier option than this. Hardly he did blas-to-do, he also got two times after coming to compartments in maths. My idea was good but he did not want to be a priest.

I ate a Khakra snack My mother makes me better than Ishaan’s mother. We are professional in this work.
‘I go home and change the clothes and then we will go to Gopi, o Of? ‘ I said, while Ishaan and Omi were still dancing happily. After Indian victory, we had made tradition when we were eleven years old till the thirteen and now we are 21 and are dancing like children. O K. We won, someone had to win. In mathematical terms, this was a possibility

I arrived home.
The narrow streets of the old city filled me with a crowd of evening and the distance of the house of Ishaan was half. Me Was there. This is the distance between everything in my world. I passed through Nana Park Children were playing cricket there in the joy of winning India. I used to play everyday in my school-time. ‘ Now we sometimes come here but mostly sit in the home made ground.

A tennis ball collided with my feet. A beautiful little boy of about 12 years came to me – ran away. I picked up the ball and handed it over to him In Nana Park, I got it from Ishaan and Omi for the first time, fifteen years ago. There was no such special event when we became friendly. Maybe we were six-six years old, who met in the ground and started playing together. ‘

As all the neighbors are children, we started going to Balrampur Municipal School, which was about 100 meters away from Nana Park. Only I was reading, when Ishaan and Omi get a chance to go to the park. In the tight street, the three of us would have been trying to move one another ahead of each other. I had to be inside some of the Kazi restaurants because to give both of them a route. The restaurant’s small room would be filled with a scent of food. Khanasama was preparing dinner, a big party from ordinary days in the happiness of India’s victory.


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