Niche Page Challenge 2018

Niche Pages Challenge

On the 1st of October 2018 the new one starts Niche sites Challenge, For the first time, this will run for a period of 6 months, giving all participants more time to build their websites carefully. The quality of the pages should increase as a result. The chances of success of the participants also. I also promise deeper reports – and I will give everything myself.

Sit down and spend half a year working on a fresh website. It's been over two years now with me and I'm motivated. That's why I'm taking part in the niche page challenge 2018 and I'll keep a neat line with the task structure of the peers. We will see what comes out in late March 2019.

After four weeks, the niche page is already online. So in the first few weeks it really means ranglotzen. Niche search, analysis, planning and initial content production must happen in time. Otherwise, the niche page goes empty after four weeks in the net.

Timeline niche pages Challenge 2018

After the first four weeks, where there is a task every week, it should then continue with up to two tasks per month. Bearable or? I think that sounds relaxed but demanding. Especially for beginners in the field of niche sites, it is a great chance to get stress-free information and even go into the implementation.

Peer will build a website again this year. At last he did not do it, because he took care of the coaching of the participants. This time, the coaching falls away, but he is fully back. Honestly, nobody will miss out. With a little diligence and self-study of the content of other people, you get really far – maybe until you win the Niche Page Challenge 2018?

The fact that peer participates itself has a different background. He wants to find one or two opponents from the participants and get into direct combat with them. Of course, I have already offered in a comment in his blog as an opponent. Does Peer Wandiger see that, take it seriously and accept it? We'll see. Anyway, I would be serious about the matter – even without a direct duel. 😉

As of October 1st, 2018, you will regularly read the latest reports on the challenge, my project and the tasks and progress on!

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