My story & the reactions

On the weekend I was on the road and although “internet-free”.

On Monday morning I had to learn: Joy and sorrow are very close to each other …

And so I just need your opinion!

My story …

Many already know my story by now. However, only relatively recently did I decide to go out in a very open and “aggressive” way.

In 2010 I became a Hartz IV recipient. Right after completing my biology studies. And only in 2012 I could leave the status of the “Aufstockers” (as it is called beautiful) behind me.

Now I've decided to communicate my story openly and honestly to the outside world. Something that cost me overcoming, because that's not my way of life otherwise.

… and the reactions

At the weekend you could then see the full range of what can happen when you tell your story.

Here is a screenshot of a Facebook ad from me:

Facebook reactions to my story

Already in the screenshot to see:

The two responses to this ad. No piece constructive, but rather reproachful to insulting.

That sits.

Especially if you're a bit more sensitive, like me. I first had to let it sink.

I hardly believe that I have to explain to the money step readers big, why these accusations are untenable, here but only 2 thoughts:

  • Nobody will “come in” on me, because a) is sold on the landing page, on which the advertising leads nothing and b) are not any fraudulent content in which I try to beat people over the ear. If you know my e-book “Die Kuck (l) uck-Taktik”, you know that (and if you do not know it yet, you can request it here in the sidebar and convince yourself).
  • My ads are on Facebook aimed at entrepreneurs, not Hartz IV recipients. The accusation that I wanted the latter “damage” is not tenable. The hanger is chosen only to show that it is even possible from the Hartz IV to achieve 6-digit annual sales in a relatively short time – all, most of the entrepreneurs out there will find BETTER starting positions, as the Hartz IV Reference!

You have to let something like that sink and digest …

But then there was THIS reaction by e-mail at the weekend answer to one of my autoresponder emails:

E-mail response to my story


On the one hand, there is the big slap and one somehow doubts the own procedure (or at least the own advertisement).

And on the other hand, such an e-mail full of esteem 😀


If you go your own way and also relate your story with it, then that will not be tasty for everyone. It will not please everyone. Not every “hurray” will scream.

There will be people who just do not like you. The nag. The insult. Or express the simply untenable, untrue things.

So what?

I do not want to reach these people anyway. Let them blaspheme.

I want to work with people who are sincere. They are fair. Who openly deal with me and my solutions and express constructive criticism.

How do you see that?

Write me a comment with your opinion!

Should I prefer to keep my story “locked up”? Should my attitude reconsider such negative reactions? Or am I reacting correctly?

Do you have own experiences?

Let me know 🙂

Gordon Kuckluck

Initiator of, online marketers with heart and soul, mainly dedicated to the areas of landing pages, conversion optimization and e-mail marketing, always at the interface of offline to online business.

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