Is this the continuation of the “Kuck (l) uck tactic” ??!

15 master techniques Mario BurgardAs a reader of this blog, you know my 5-step (inspired by my last name) Kuck (l) uck tactics with the self-employed and business owners how to make sure their online marketing works – even before you even start it!

As?? Do not you know yet?

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Anyway, the essence of the Kuck (l) uck tactic says that you – actually quite basic and banal – your target group, your “ideal customer” exactly need to know.

do you know her emotions, Know the causes for joy Your target audience. do you know her Pain, Do you know where it is burning?


You will know that you have to get to know your target group at the latest after reading the “Kuck (l) uck tactic”. You have impressed yourself by the funny analogy to the cuckoo.

The only question is …


As do you get to know your target group so well? And as Then do you then hit these emotions laser-sharp and exactly to the point?

It's like the continuation of my “Kuck (l) uck tactic” …

Seriously: I had thought about making a sequel to the “Kuck (l) uck tactic”, where I just wanted to go into the how much more intense.

I do not need anymore, someone else has done it for me 🙂 😉

That was the feeling when I started with the “15 master techniques” to work by Mario Burgard.

The “15 master techniques” are largely about sales texts.

What does that have to do with the “Kuck (l) uck tactic”?

Very easily: If you want to write a good sales text (and who does not want to sell something on the internet ?!), then you need to know your target audience as accurately as the cuckoo recognizes its host birds!

And that's exactly what the “15 Master Techniques” are all about! They learn:

  • Which typical mistakes mess up the sale and must be avoided at all costs?
  • As you do with your first sentence of the sales text, your reader willenlos because he already suspects that he gets here, what he so eagerly desires.
  • How do you design your offer to make it interesting for your reader?
  • How to design your text especially for the Internet, so that your reader feels right at home
  • What words you no way may use!
  • 3 tips to find out exactly what your customer really wants.
  • How to skillfully use pictures to trigger stimuli.

And these are just a few of the content, because:

The most cool thing is …

… that this is not just an e-book. It's not just a video course either.

It is both 🙂

It is in the “15 master techniques” a kind of “interactive e-book”, so that some content in text form in the e-book offers, but is supplemented and sometimes also expanded, with numerous videos in the members area, on the occasional indicated in appropriate places in the e-book.

I personally met Mario Burgard at the Affilidays in Mallorca. Together with my colleague, Dejan Novakovic, we spontaneously conducted a small, spontaneous interview with Mario during a break on the balcony of the seminar room.

Here you can see a little excerpt from this interview (the whole interview will be used by us and appearing otherwise – so be curious 😉: D):

[leadplayer_vid id=”5151767652F0A”]

(The gentleman on the left is Dejan Novakovic, the gentleman on the right is Mario Burgard;))

Attention! Exclusive discount for money steps reader!

Reading the e-book and watching the videos, I was so flashed that all I could think about was:

Hello?! Is this the continuation of the “Kuck (l) uck tactic”?!? Can Mario read thoughts?

And for that reason, of course, I immediately wrote to Mario and gave him a discount from the ribs! 🙂

What you need to do to get the 20% money-step discount?


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