Exciting content, no matter for which industry

There are very interesting industries and on the other hand, there are also industries that seem rather boring. Just think of an insurance company, a gas station or a laundry.

But no matter how “boring” these industries appear, they need one exciting contentwhich is well staged and arouses the interest of users. The information should be enthralling and there are almost unlimited possibilities that the Online marketing holds. This can be the post on Facebook & Co. or an interesting video.

High-quality content is therefore crucial and can also arise in industries that are not very attractive from the outset.

Exciting content? Finding a topic made easy

The biggest problem probably lies in the fact that a good content is found. SEO is the alpha and omega, because this is the only way to ensure that the search engines do not miss the topic.

In addition, there are always three questions to answer, which are included in the content:

  • For what reason does anyone want the product or service?
  • Which customer problems can be solved with it?
  • What happens if the product is not purchased?

When it comes to writing the lyrics, you should also get an expert. With the textual design and a splash of creativity, half the rent has already been taken.

However, the copywriter should be given accurate information about the industry so that he can write the appropriate content. These details are to be specified by the website operator, because only this is well versed with the respective industry.

build up trust

No matter which industry you are with content needs to be supplied, it all starts with interested parties, who in the best case become customers. A well considered strategy in the Online marketing is therefore more than important.

Good starting points are the social networks. Here the direct contact to potential customers can be established. Questions should be asked to narrow the circle of interest and answering questions is also important. This builds trust and sustainably supports one's own project.

Also very good are competitions or webinars that push up a boring industry.

Do not forget emotions

The last and also important point is the emotional contact of the interested parties. So the industry remains in the memory and the dissemination is more or less by itself.

Very funny and very sad stories are the way to success. Depending on the industry, a touch of self-irony or appropriate humor can find a good place here. Thrilling stories that stimulate reflection or make the famous light bulb shine – that is the recipe for success.

An example:

A large insurance company has launched a campaign that awakens people's emotions. There are stories told about true events. With a correspondingly effective background music, fateful blows are revealed, which, however, end in an incredible feeling of happiness.

The creators of this online marketing have managed to steer a rather tiring industry – insurance – in an emotional direction.

It is exactly these ideas that make every industry interesting. Only dry text with the list of products or services can not generate success. People need to be addressed and affected. They need to be pulled into a world they were not so aware of until now.

(Source: Jorma Bork / pixelio.de)

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