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In this article, let’s look at the next email marketing service: CleverReach,

This article is part of an article series on four email marketing vendors:

Why this funny title? Well, so from Cleverreach I’ve never heard so much and Cleverreach is not mentioned or recommended as often as other services in other parts of the internet. At least that’s my impression.

The question arose to me why this is so. And indeed this question remains, because Cleverreach is a very good mail service!

User guidance / operation:

At first glance, the user interface is similar to that of Klick-Tipp: The navigation bar at the top of the screen is just as simple and clear. Again, if I move the mouse over a point, then the sub-items belonging to the menu item appear.

Cleverreach navigation

Overall, the navigation is quite intuitive and you usually know how to proceed. I also found functions that I was looking for in the expected position.

Special functions:

Special features compared to other providers, I did not notice Cleverreach. There are all functions that you want by default.

Otherwise, I would think only the reference to Magento and Veyton plugins, which should be interesting especially for shop owners.


The support is also usually here by mail and is extremely fast in my experience. I was always competently and comprehensively answered within a few hours.


Cleverreach offers some demo videos of features and FAQ’s.


Especially Cleverreach is that you can use it for free (test). In the free trial account you can only manage a maximum of 250 emails and send 1,000 emails per month and there is the free version no Autoresponder function.

Then there are prepaid rates, so you pay for a certain number of emails in advance an amount. Then you can send mails until the credit has been used up. This is an offer that I have found so in any other provider and makes the Cleverreach especially for “little-sender” interesting, after all, you are not bound to any monthly fees.

Finally, there are also different monthly tariffs, which are all in the moderate price range. For 250 to 1,000 recipients, for example, you pay 15 € plus VAT, which is cheap compared to a click-tip (but for comparison: with 10,000 recipients you pay with click tip at most 47 €, but with Cleverreach already 80 € – here click-tip is cheaper again). Monthly rates no longer have a shipping limit on emails.


Cleverreach seems to me personally very little present in the field of Internet marketing. If you rummage through the website of Cleverreach, then I get more and more the impression that Cleverreach is used in particular by shop operators. That could be the reason for the relative unfamiliarity in Internet marketing circles …

Otherwise, Cleverreach makes a solid impression, but I personally miss the opportunity, for example, to automatically separate an interested party from a buyer list (rule settings). I have to go from what the customer support has told me. Thus, such a separation at Cleverreach only works through an API interface and self-programmed solutions. But there is a kind of workaround, using the segmentation feature of Cleverreach, like them here is described.

However, that was personally the K.O. criterion for Cleverreach.

I also noticed negatively that the Optin forms look pretty cheap. A reasonable and comfortable optin form generator is sought in vain. I found the forms to be unprofessional (especially the so important entry buttons) and too elaborate / hakelig to create.

Still, I’m surprised that Cleverreach is often treated as a stepmother. That did not deserve this service.



  • Completely German
  • Free to test and by prepaid tariffs just for small lists (newcomer) and / or “little-sender” interesting
  • Due to special plugins especially for shop owners (Magento, Veyton …) interesting


  • Weak optin form generator (especially due to lack of submit button design options)
  • No rule settings (for list B entries from List A …) are possible for lists by default, which makes it difficult to separate prospects and those who later become buyers
  • More expensive for larger lists

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