Andres Iniesta Lujan | Biography | Facts

Andres Iniesta Lujan | Biography | Facts

Andres Iniesta Lujan

Andres Iniesta Lujan, born in Fuentealbilla (Castilla-La Mancha) on May 11, 1984.

Andres Iniesta Lujan | Biography | Facts
Andres Iniesta Lujan

He began to play on the indoor soccer track of Fuentealbilla before enrolling in the lower categories of Albacete Balompié. At age 12, he excelled in a youth tournament in Brunete and was signed by FC Barcelona in a decision in which Oriol Tort, Joan Martínez Vilaseca, and Albert Benaiges intervened. He entered La Masia on September 17, 1996, soon becoming a reference player.

His performances with the Spanish Under 16 and Under 19, with which he won two European Championships, placed him on the international scene. With only 16 years old he already participated in a training of the first team of Barça with Llorenç Serra Ferrer and on October 29, 2002, with 18 years old, he debuted officially with the Blaugrana team in Bruges in the Champions League. Its premiere in the League would arrive on December 21, 2002, in Mallorca and at the Camp Nou on January 5, 2003.

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In the 2004-05 season, he became part of the FC Barcelona squad in an official way with Frank Rijkaard, with whom he began to win titles: Two consecutive Leagues and the 2006 Champions League in Paris. Iniesta replaced at the break José Edmílson and was instrumental in the comeback against Arsenal (2-1) to add his first Champions.

From the 2008-09 season, his career accelerated with the arrival of Pep Guardiola. The summer of 2008 had won the European Championship of Austria-Switzerland with Luis Aragones and Guardiola gave him chevrons making him one of the four captains of the squad. On May 6, 2009, he scored one of the goals of his life for Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, known as the ‘Iniestazo’, which allowed Barça to advance in the semifinals of the Champions League and win the title later in Rome. Iniesta played the final, despite being injured, and gave the assist of the first goal to Eto’o.

He was key in the 14 titles of the ‘Pep Team’ and with the ‘Red’ made history on July 11, 2010, by scoring in the minute 116 the goal that gave Spain the first World Cup in its history in South Africa. In the following Eurocopa, of Poland and Ukraine’12, he won the title and was designated as the best player of the tournament.

Already with Tito Vilanova at the head of the team, he added the 2012-13 League, in which Barça equaled the record of 100 points of Real Madrid (2011-12) and set a record of points added in a first round, 55 of 57 possible points.

On December 23, 2013, he renewed his contract until June 30, 2018, with an option to extend year after year depending on the number of parties that dispute each season.
Andres Iniesta smiled on the lawn. I cried in the press room. It’s a strange day in Barcelona. The captain has trained as always, making his teammates happy while tamping the ball. But it is not any tomorrow. Two and a half hours later, his cheeks returned the tears that slipped when he was alone in La Masia 22 years ago, this time to say he left after delights Barcelona for 16 seasons in the first team. Thirty minutes of clock, half an hour exact, have served to put an end to that cycle between sobs, tears, and laughter.

Iniesta is gone, the club is off. Only Leo Messi remains of a generation for posterity, with the permission of Gerard Piqué and Sergio Busquets. Lost sight, uncomfortable silence. It was difficult for him to start as if he did not know how to start one of his wonderful moves on the green board. With a low voice, hesitating, he said as if it cost him his life: “It’s the last season here, it’s a thoughtful, valued and thoughtful decision.” After 22 years here, I know what it means to be a player of this team, for me it is the best in the world, I would not have imagined that my final would be like this: feeling useful, holder, with the option of winning titles and with the positive impression and sensations that I have had during this year “.

Iniesta goes off, China lights up. In a few weeks, he will confirm his move to the Superliga, although he has not dared to announce it yet. Of course, he slipped that “I would never compete against my club”. “I do not want to fool anybody, I’ve left my soul for this team, I will soon turn 34 and the time comes, I know myself and I know how I am.” Everything was going to cost something else, I gave everything to this club, I never I would feel happy if I do not give the best, as it has been up to now, it is a law of life, other challenges will be opened and I will try to be as happy as I have been, “he explained.

With Iniesta, there is a tightrope walker, an artist, a genius and, above all, a good guy. Also, the penultimate piece of a unique generation after the goodbye of Carles Puyol, Xavi Hernández and Víctor Valdés. “There are a lot of people who are able to keep this legacy, they will continue to win and I will be happy from afar as if I were here,” he insisted, while not thinking of the future, of his return: “I wish the day of tomorrow I can go back to continue enjoying.


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