AB de Villiers Retirement Announcement from International Cricket

AB de Villiers Retirement Announcement from International Cricket

AB de Villiers Retirement
AB de Villiers Retirement

AB De Villiers, one of the most aggressive batsmen in the world, is likely to be handed hands by cricket fans. This autobiography will come on the market next month. In ‘AB: The Autobiography’, De Villiers’ childhood, school days, debut in cricket, career fluctuations, and a captain’s experience and controversies are described.

It has also been told about his interest in Hobbies and Business of Music De Villiers. This autobiography will be launched in England and South Africa on September 8 in South Africa and on the same day in English by Penn Macmillan in Britain, Australia, New Zealand and India.

According to the publisher, the autobiography will provide information about the special moments, events outside the grounds and grounds and AB relationship with the various mentors associated with the back of the bat and helmets placed on the helmets. This will be the story of AB De Villiers, their own affair.

This is the story of the youngest brother, who is well-known for playing tennis, rugby and cricket, in the warm-up game of Warmbath, one of the three most talented brothers in the sport. This is the story of a young man who made an international debut at the age of 20 and was selected for every test played by South Africa in the next 11 seasons. A batsman who is one of the best players in the world in Tests, ODIs, and T20s.

Commenting on the comments, De Villiers said, “It’s a matter of pride for me, playing for South Africa for the last 11 seasons. With my debut against the West Indies, I am desperate to tell the story of the World Cup semi-final against New Zealand in 2015. ‘

What are the specials of ‘Cricket of Superman’ AB De Villiers?

AB de Villiers Retirement
AB de Villiers Retirement

New Delhi: Bangalore’s hopes will be largely dependent on AB de Villiers in the crucial IPL match between Hyderabad Sunrise and Royal Challengers Bangalore.The biggest reason for this is that AB de Villiers is the most explosive batsman of the current time, who can send any ball of any bowler out of the boundary. Some of his shots are also going to be astonishing to the cricket experts. Do not be surprised to see a glimpse of some of the AB de Villiers.

Even if fast bowlers like Dale Steyn or Andre Russell are putting the exact yorkers on the middle stump, then even AB de Villiers can loft him off and hit six off the extra cover.

AB de Villiers Retirement
AB de Villiers Retirement

Out of the off stump, the ball can be sent out of the midwicket through AB De Villiers sweep shots. Even if he has a wide ball he can hit him six times on the bowler. If bowlers throw a slow and short ball while showing cleverness, then AB de Villiers can send it out of the long off. The good length ball can be sent out for sixes by the short fine leg.
AB de Villiers’s stormy batting has created many signature shots. One of them is lap shots. Even before the bowler gets off the ball, the de Villiers get a little bit inside the crease, so that they get extra time to screw the ball and sit on one leg and play sweep shots on bouncing balls.


According to South African cricketer Jacques Kallis, this shot from De Villiers is going to be ahead of cricket and it is looking for new ways of scoring. In this manner, De Villiers also play scoop shots on any ball. The effect of these shots is that AB de Villiers is considered to be a total 360-degree batsman, that means when De Villiers has come to bat, be prepared to see the shocking shots. Such shots will also not be seen in Coaching Manuel.

AB de Villiers Retirement
AB de Villiers Retirement

With the batting of De Villiers, opposition captain and bowling have to change their tactics. De Villiers is seen as a person of another planet due to its speed and reflexes. One of the great features of De Villiers is that the masters playing spin and fast bowling easily in the same fashion. All these shots are found in De Villiers game, only because of their balance inside the crease and by self-control on themselves. That is why he is considered a superman of modern cricket.

AB de Villiers asked International Cricket, goodbye, say no other player, now my place
Former South Africa captain AB de Villiers has announced retirement from all forms of cricket with immediate effect.
AB de Villiers asked International Cricket, goodbye, say no other player, now my place

AB de Villiers played 114 Tests, 228 ODIs and 78 T20 Internationals for South Africa
Special things

De Villiers scored
8765 runs in Test cricket
9577 in ODI and
1672 runs in T20

AB was specializing in putting shots in every corner on the field.

Former South Africa captain AB de Villiers has announced retirement from all forms of cricket with immediate effect. Not only South Africa, De Villiers, among the world’s greatest cricketers, has played 114 Tests, 228 ODIs, and 78 T20 Internationals. He has 8765 runs in Taste cricket. In ODIs, he has scored 1,672 runs in 9577 and T20 International. The 34-year-old player, who announced his retirement, said on Wednesday that I have decided to retire from international cricket with immediate effect. I think this is the right time to say goodbye to cricket.

AB de Villiers Retirement
AB de Villiers Retirement

With this announcement, De Villiers completes 14 years of bright cricket career. The image of Abraham De Villiers was the batsman who shot in every corner of the wicket. In Shorter format cricket he used to bat in the style that it was difficult for the opposition captain to field fielding against him. The hard-hitting shot of cricket was used by De Villiers so easily that everyone woke up. De Villiers made fans throughout the world, not only due to his sports skills, but also South Africa. De Villiers said that everything is never-ending. I sincerely thank the fans and fans of South Africa and the world for their love and support. I will continue playing in domestic cricket. The South African cricket team and its captain, Faf du Plessis, have full support and it will continue. Thanks… Abby scored 22 centuries and 46 half-centuries in his 114 Test career.
The South African said that after playing 114 Tests, 228 ODIs and 78 T20, the time came when the other players took my place. I have spent my time in cricket. I’m tired. Now I want to give time to the family. They said that it was not easy to take this decision. I thought enough before making this decision. After winning the Test Series against Australia and India, I think it is the right time to say goodbye to this game.


These are 10 interesting facts related to ‘AB De Villiers’, you probably will not be aware of this already

AB de Villiers Retirement
AB de Villiers Retirement

AB De Villiers full name is Abraham Benjamin de Villiers. This is not an ordinary person but one of the finest batsmen to play cricket at the international level. Abraham Villiers has made several new records since the beginning of his career. It is worth mentioning that AB Bearers wanted to be a successful doctor like his father since childhood, but his luck was approved and he did not want to become a qualified batsman. Significantly, AB De Villiers of South Africa have captained the three formats for their team. Today we are going to tell you about 10 interesting facts about Villiers that you probably will not be aware of earlier.

AB de Villiers Retirement
AB de Villiers Retirement

1. Has been captain of rugby
You would be surprised to know that AB De Villiers’s name was also selected for the national team. South Africa’s junior team captain has also lived.
2. Swimming and other shocks
AB de Villiers used to take part in various competitions of school level at the level of Villiers. In these competitions, they had won 7 medals. Apart from this, and have been part of Africa’s junior football team, as well as the gold medal in Julius’s Hundred Meter race.
3. Multi-Talented is AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers Junior Tennis Davis Cup has ever been a part. He has also been a champion of National Under-19 badminton. Due to these reasons, AB de Villiers is also called Multi Talent.
4. There are also toppers in studies
You may have seen that many children are top in sports but they lose their maturity because they can not pay much attention to studies. But it’s not about ABD Villiers because he has been the top among the sports as well as in studies. Significantly, he has received medals from former South African President Nelson Mandela for the 1 science project.

AB de Villiers Retirement
AB de Villiers Retirement

5. The musicians are crazy
Apart from sports and studies, AB de Villiers loves music too much. You must be surprised to know that they have their own bands in which they often perform. AB de Villiers has been seen singing on several occasions. They went to the song “Show them who are you” and “Make your dreams come true”, which people also liked quite a lot.
6. God has deep faith
AB de Villiers has a deep faith in God. During an interview, AB de Villiers said that Christian Holly Book ‘The Bible’ is his most favorite book of all time. In the ODI match against Australia in 2008, ABD Villiers’s team got the goal of making 414 runs. Although Villiers had a high fever that day, he got the ball from his stunning batting when he got to the ground. Perhaps it was the effect of their prayers that God gave power.
7. Build Historical Records
AB de Villiers has made many historical records in his cricket career to date, which is not possible for any batsman to break. Rajasthan has won the match without being out without a knockout.
8. Most Six Record
The record for most sixes in the year of AB is also recorded. He used 50 sixes in 2015 Apart from this, he has also won the ICC One Day Player of the Year title.
9. Record to make the fastest run
AB de Villiers has many times 1 day The fastest runs in international cricket have set new records.
10. Shocking is also to write
AB de Villiers keeps singing songs apart from singing He has sung songs written several times.


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